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March 1990

Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak

"How To Handle Multiple Attacks"


May 1990

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"Korea's Living Legend:
Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan's Great Grandmaster Hwang Kee"


July 1990

Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak

"Tang Soo Do Combat Combinations"

June 1991

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"The Ultimate Goal
of Tang Soo Do"

July 1991

Grandmaster Pat Johnson

"The Man Behind The Ninja Turtles"

April 1992

Tom Bloom

"The Fighting Side
of Tang Soo Do"

April 1993

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Hand Techniques of
Tang Soo Do"

June 1993

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Streetfighting Tang Soo Do - Techniques That Work"

August 1993

Grandmaster Kang Uk Lee

"International Tang Soo Do
(Moo Duk Kwan)"

October 1993

Master M. K. Loke

"Master M. K. Loke and the British Tang Soo Do Federation"

March 1994

Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa

"American Tang Soo Do -
The Original Fighting Style
of Chuck Norris"


June 1994

Grandmaster Richard Byrne

"Special Fighting Techniques
of Tang Soo Do"

Fall 1994

(1st of four issues ever printed)

Master Ken Herbert
"Sparring Combinations
That Work"

Grandmaster Richard Byrne
"A Talk With The 'Ironman'
of Karate"

Brian Bouchard
Reverse Round Kick


Fall 1994

Master Peter Oien

"Tang Soo Do's Fighting Spirit"


October 1994

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Fear No More"


May 1995

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"Tang Soo Do vs.
Tae Kwon Do"


August 1995

Grandmaster Andy Ah Po
Master Victor Martinov

"Soo Bahk Do Brothers"

Fall 1995

Master A. J. Perry
"Concentration and the
Martial Artist"

Master Karen Eden

Master Penny Mitchell
"The Crescent Kick - Part I"


Oct / Nov 1995

Master Brian Edmondson

"Tiger Gym:
A Tang Soo Do Stronghold"


February 1996

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"Moo Duk Kwan Founder Grandmaster Hwang Kee
Speaks Out"


April 1996

Grandmaster Han Eung Kyo

"A Brief Interview with Grandmaster Han Eung Kyo -
The Tiger"


July 1996

Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi

"Tang Soo Do: Past, Present
and Future"


Sep / Oct 1996

Master Roger Haines

"Kicks on the Defense"


Fall 1996

Master Joe Goss Sr.
"Tang Soo Do Bridges The Generations - Part 1

Master Joe Goss Jr.
"Tang Soo Do Bridges The Generations - Part 2

Master Penny Mitchell
"The Crescent Kick - Part II"

Master Wynford Williams
"Fighting Back"


November 1996

World Tang Soo Do Assoc.

"World Tang Soo Do Championships"

December 1996

Grandmaster Charles Ferraro

"Elbow Strikes of
Tang Soo Do"

February 1997

"Women of Tang Soo Do"

April 1997

Master Thomas M. Cox

"350 Compete at 1st Tang Soo Do National Championship"

July 1997

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Cancer Can Run But
It Can't Hide From Giacobbe"


October 1997

Master William Ott
"The Hand Techniques of
Tang Soo Do"

Master Trent Suzuki
"The Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan 14th Annual Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa"


November 1997

Grandmaster Pat Johnson

"Paradise Lost - Can the arts recapture tradition?"


June 1998

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Hard Meets Soft: The Little Known Connection Between Tang Soo Do and Tai Chi"


July 1998

Grandmaster Andy Ah Po

"From Soo Bahk Do To Tang Soo Do And Back Again"


September 1998

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"The Pursuit of Perfection -
The Traditional Training of
Tang Soo Do"


Annual 1998

Master Kerin S. Lee

"The Tang Soo Do Hook Kick"

(4th and last issue ever printed)

April 1999

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Tang Soo Do's
Dynamic Kicks"

April 1999

Master John Hancock

""Quest For The Truth - The Origin of Tang Soo Do's Forms"

July 1999

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

""The Secret to Success in Tang Soo Do Sparring"

December 1999

Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin

"Jae Chul Shin - The
Ambassador of Tang Soo Do..."



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