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November 1972

John Natividad

"When I'm Hot, I'm Hot!"

August 1973

Grandmaster Chuck Norris

"A Simple Lesson in Karate -
One Step Techniques"


August 1973

Grandmaster Mariano Estioko

"Modifying The Korean Art"

April 1974

Master Howard Jackson

"Tournament Karate's
Top Money Winner"

December 1974

Bob Barrow

"Small Town Karateka Has
Big City Ideas"

May 1975

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"Grandmaster Hwang Kee Interviewed"

May 1976

Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim

"Patience and Proficiency - The Only Way To Win"

June 1978

Master Ted Mason

"Tang Soo Do In The Home"


July 1978

Master Jeong Sook Lee

"Tang Soo Do is Alive
And Kicking"


August 1978

Master Jeong Sook Lee

"Tang Soo Do Technique"

November 1978

Grandmaster H. C. Hwang
Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"Tang Soo Do Techniques"

November 1978

Richard Zimmerman

"The Power and Security of Tang Soo Do"

"Tang Soo Do: Quality vs. Quantity"


December 1978

Master Jeong Sook Lee

"Tang Soo Do Techniques"


January 1979

Master Jeong Sook Lee

"Keeping The Faith With
Tang Soo Do"


January 1979

Master Jeong Sook Lee
Mr. Dave Barrett

"Tang Soo Do Techniques"

February 1979

"First U.S. Tang Soo Do Moo
Duk Kwan Championship"

February 1979

Master Robert Beaudoin

"Achieving Discipline and
Goals With Karate"


March 1979

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"Tang Soo Do:
An Original Martial Art"

March 1979

Grandmaster Tong In Chang

"Preventing White Belt

May 1979

Maggie Pierce

"Achieving Potential With Tang Soo Do"

July 1979

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"Tang Soo Do, Martial Arts
and Sports"


October 1979

Jang Dae Kyu

"Tang Soo Do...From
The Heart"



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