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January 2000

Master Luis R. Toledo G�mez

"KOANS - Zen Philosophy"

(Spanish Language)

February 2000

Master Suresh Nar

"Putting Tang Soo Do
on The Map"

March 2000

Grandmaster Pat Johnson

"Evolution of Tang Soo Do"

May 2001

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim - Traditional Art for The
'Techno' Life"

September 2001

Bobby Burbidge

"A Look Back at the Career...
of Bobby Burbidge"

November 2001

Master Richard Collins Jr.

"Master Richard Collins Jr. -
Flying Higher"

February 2002

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"4 Tang Soo Do
Sparring Techniques"

March 2002

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"Tang Soo Do History: Understanding Its Past"

April 2002

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"The Tao of Tang Soo Do"


June 2002

Grandmaster C. S. Kim
Master Joseph Bruno

"The Sparring Strategies of
Tang Soo Do"


November 2002

Master Marcus Murtaugh

"Master Marcus Murtaugh:
Two Decades of Training,
Teaching & Tang Soo Do"

March 2004

Master Wesley Jenkins

"Master Wesley Jenkins:
He Walks the Walk of
Tang Soo Do's Brotherhood..."

May 2004

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"I Am A Happy Man"

June 2004

Grandmaster C. S. Kim

"Physics of Tang Soo Do"


July 2004

Master Ashok Kumar

"Ashok Kumar: Aiming
For Perfection"

July 2004

Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak

"Ho Sik Pak: Road To Grandmaster"

December 2004

Master Suresh Nar

"Time For Change"

January 2005

Master George Klinedinst

"The Yin and Yang of
Tang Soo Do"

January 2005

Grandmaster D. Giacobbe

"Power vs Speed"


July 2005

Master Ben Johnson
Master Gary Schill

"Deep in The Heart of
Tang Soo Do"


March 2006

Master Leif Becker

"Speed Breaking"


May 2006

Master Michael Tullier
Master Michael McGee

"Katrina & The Sa Bum Nims -
A Journey With Tang Soo Do"


November 2006

Grandmaster C. S. Kim
Master Joseph Bruno

"Best Defense: Tang Soo Do Sparring Drills"

March 2007

Masters Eddie Boon
Master Russell Boon

"Kazoku Karate - Tang Soo Do"

March 2007

Bob Clyde

"Battling Lupus with
Tang Soo Do"


May 2007

Grandmaster Robert Cheezic

"Grandmaster Robert Cheezic - Tang Soo Do's American Pioneer"

June 2007

"Origins: How 'Korean' are
the Korean Striking Arts?"

July 2007

Master Leif Becker

"7 Steps to Breaking a
World Record"

August 2007

Master Graham Mason

"Tang Soo Do Is My Life"


September 2007

Master Russell Boon

"Are You Worth That Belt?"


September 2007

Grandmaster John St. James

"Breaking Through Your Limitations"

September 2007

Grandmaster Richard Byrne

"USA Tang Soo Do - Richard Byrne Talks to TKD-KMA"

January 2008

Grandmaster Song Ki Kim

"Six Degrees of Separation - Preserving Moo Duk Kwan"


March 2008

Master Carla Bennett

"The Ladies' Club - Tang Soo Do's Carla Bennett"


March 2008

Master Suresh Nar

"Master Nar and The
Rise of Tang Soo Do"


April 2008

Grandmaster Andy Ah Po

"What Does the Future Hold for the Traditional Martial Art of Tang Soo Do in the U.K.?"

January 2009

Grandmaster Andy Ah Po
Master Constantino Terrigno

"Accessing and Channeling
Your Ki"

March 2009

Master Monique Lamb

"Master Monique Lamb"


April 2009

Grandmaster Hwang Kee

"The Fist of Hwang Kee"


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