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June 30 - July 1, 2018

Championships /

World Dang Soo Do Union
18th Annual World Dang Soo Do
National Championships & Workshops
Galt High School Gymnasium
145 N. Lincoln Way, Galt, California
Contact: Master Mike Shintaku
425-525-9754 /

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July 7, 2018


Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association
Tang Soo Do Independence Day Challenge
North Haven Middle School
55 Bailey Road, North Haven, CT
Contact: Master Richard Kopf

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July 18-21, 2018

Master's Clinic
Int'l. Championship

Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation
Master's Clinic & International Championships
B Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida (Disney Springs)

Contact: Grandmaster John St. James

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August 3-5, 2018


Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family
5th Invitational WWTF Tang Soo Do World Championships
Copperbox Arena
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 3HB

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November 2-4, 2018


Danish Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation
Seminar with the Korean Grandmasters
Jerlev Boulevard 58, Jerlev, 7100, Vejle, Denmark
Contact: Master Erik Kristensen
 Phone [45] 75832431 / [45] 42398652

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July 8 -12, 2019

International Training Seminars

American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation &
World Tang Soo Do General Federation

Clarion Hotel - Orlando International Airport
3835 McCoy Rd., Orlando, FL
Contact: Grandmaster James Saffold
239-776-6161 /

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