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Tang Soo Do World is a personal project of mine which had its genesis in 2006 to further the awareness of the art of Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk Do). Following one full year of research and data accumulation, the site was launched on March 1, 2007.

Tang Soo Do World is certainly not the first website offering Tang Soo Do information, but with nearly 600 pages, it is the most comprehensive and most often used resource currently available on the internet for Tang Soo Do practitioners. Owing to its popularity, it has enjoyed a first page ranking on search engines for the last six years and as of August 2014, it averaged over 20,000 monthly visits and has been viewed in over 185 countries.

The worldwide school and organization directories as well as the events calendar are the core of the site, with nearly 1,300 listings at present. The School Directory is a useful tool for prospective students looking for a school to begin training, for those who are moving or for travelers who may want to train while away from home. In the Organization Directory you will find listings for all the major Tang Soo Do member organizations, and some you may not have been familiar with. If you're interested in knowing when and where tournaments and seminars are being held, then the Events Calendar will provide basic information with links to the organizers' websites for further details and registration information.

You will also find extensive articles, news, reference material, photos, videos and biographical information on the key people in Tang Soo Do. The challenge has always been and will continue to be keeping this information current, accurate, and original. Since there is no staff, submissions from readers on topics than can educate, stimulate and enlighten are welcomed and encouraged.

My own martial arts training began in New York in 1981 with Kyokushinkai and then Isshinryu until 1987 when I discovered and began studying Tang Soo Do under Masters Darrell Schulze and his instructor Master Young Ki Hong, son-in-law of the late Great Grandmaster Hwang Kee. I was awarded my Cho Dan (Dan # 29868) in November 1990. Since 2000, with my original instructors no longer active in Tang Soo Do, I continued training independently until August 2008, when I was accepted as a direct student by Grandmaster Andy Ah Po. During the week of August 4th, 2014 I underwent intensive training and testing under Grandmaster Ah Po in Sacramento, California, and have been awarded my 6th Dan in the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association.

I thank you for visiting the site and hope that you find it interesting and informative.


Master Constantino Terrigno
Owner / Editor - Tang Soo Do World

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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