Ahp Chagi (Ahp Cha Nut Gi) - Front Snap Kick
Master Ricardo Longinotti, 7th Dan
National Director - Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan - Argentina

Front View

Body in left foot forward front stance and both hands in a guard position.

Shift hand position while moving
your right hip forward

Bend right leg, lifting knee as high
as possible, keeping upper body straight. Pull toes back pointing
ball of foot to target.

Extend kicking foot toward target by pushing hip forward. Let upper body lean back slightly to provide thrust to hip and snap kick forward.

Retract kicking leg to
intermediate position

Return kicking leg
to starting position


Note that two positions before the kick are identical to two positions after the kick (1 & 6), (3 & 5).
This demonstrates balance and consistency in execution of technique.


In the photos below

indicates movements
to be performed

indicates movements
already performed


Right Side View

Left Side View

Incorrect Foot Position On Contact With Target

Toes pointed forward

Ankle too low. Should be straight

Front of foot pulled back too far

Correct Foot Position On Contact With Target

Perfect foot alignment with target

Point of contact with target

Application of kick to solar plexus


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