Hu Gul Sang Dan Mahk Kee - Back Stance High Block
Master Ricardo Longinotti, 7th Dan
National Director - Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan - Argentina


Front View


Side View

Ready stance with feet pointing forward, back straight and hands in front of waist and line of sight forward.

Twist hip away from direction of attack as you cross both arms in front of chest, blocking hand underneath and opposite hand near other shoulder.

Inhale as you begin technique.


Quickly snap hip towards direction of attack with power as your left fist begins a circular motion across your body and upwards towards attacker, as your right arm pulls to your right side.
Finish turning in direction of attack, locking the hip as you complete the circular motion of left arm above head with palm side of fist facing attacker. Blocking arm should be high enough for you to see under and arm should be slightly angled. Right fist ends on right side near ribs with palm side facing up.

Left knee and foot end at 90� to right foot and knee.

Weight is distributed 80% on back leg with only ball of front foot touching floor.

Exhale at end of technique.


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