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Redefining Your School's Purpose For Growth
by Grandmaster John St. James - 9th Dan
Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation

Martial Arts school owners are often driven by a myriad of factors - tradition, charismatic leadership, financial success, innovative programs, social events, the pursuit of a larger space, and an audience of seekers. But what happens when these driving forces cease or no longer resonate with the community? It's time to pivot back to the core - to become a purpose-driven school.

What is Your Driving Force?

The first question every Martial Arts school owner should ask is, "Why do we exist?" This fundamental question speaks volumes about the underlying motivations of a school. Is your school chasing temporary trends, or does a lasting sacred purpose anchor it? Remember, a
sacred purpose outlives plans, programs, and personalities

Recognizing the Plateau

It's a familiar story; your school grew, your community engaged, and the momentum halted. Perhaps numbers have dwindled, enthusiasm has subsided, or the school seems to be treading water. The most critical step is to re-evaluate and redefine your purpose. It's about
identifying the heart of your practice and allowing that to direct all your efforts.

Building on a Solid Foundation (Your Jaseh)

Your school's foundation dictates the reach and resilience of your endeavors. You can never grow beyond the capacity of your base. A school driven by a clear and resonant purpose has the strength and structure to expand without losing its essence. A purposeful foundation
ensures sustainability and impact. Just as a firm stance "Jaseh" improves "Hyung or Kata," it also improves a school's success.

Purpose as a Filter

Understanding your school's purpose provides a clear lens for decision-making. It guides what you choose and, just as importantly, what you choose not to do. A school's scope of activity should reflect its sacred mission, thus creating a cohesive brand experience for the students and families involved. The Zen approach, integral to many martial arts, emphasizes mindfulness, clarity, and being present in the moment. Applying purpose as a filter is similar to applying a Zen mindset in business. It leads to better decision-making, improved focus, and
reduced stress under pressure.

The Line of Courage

In "The Master's Path - How to Intentionally Create More Happiness, Joy, and Fulfillment in Your Life," I explore the "Line of Courage." It represents the commitment to focus and align with our seven tenets of Integrity, Concentration, Perseverance, Respect, Self-Control, Humility, and Indomitable Spirit. The Line of Courage is about walking the talk and embedding these values deeply into your school's operations. Are you teaching the code, creed, tenets, and attitudinal requirements? More importantly, are you practicing them yourself?

Attracting Cooperation and Evaluation

A school with a clear purpose naturally attracts people who share that vision. It also lends itself to practical evaluation. Ask yourself, "What is our business?" followed by, "How's business?" This self-assessment will reveal whether you truly live up to your school's purpose.

Case Study: The Power of a Sacred Promise

Consider this example: A school defining its core promise as helping students to "learn and grow mentally, physically, and with spirit" conveys a powerful sacred purpose. This promise galvanizes the community, ensuring every student's experience aligns with the "Whole Person Concept." A school that focuses on ensuring its students are learning, growing, sharing, serving, leading, and hopefully inspiring is a school that will grow.

A Strong Point of View

Having a strong point of view (POV) is essential. By advocating that "investing in martial arts training is a smart decision," a school underscores that transformational training builds success traits leading to personal growth and, with time and practice, a peak performer. As we say, "You cannot be and have more until you become more." Just as martial arts require rigorous discipline and consistent practice to master, so does growing a business or school. It comes down to disciplined planning, relentless execution, and continual honing of skills and

In conclusion, to cultivate an environment where students and families are engaged and deeply invested, it's crucial to be more than just a place for learning martial arts techniques. Redefine your school with a sacred purpose, and watch as every aspect of your operations
aligns with growth, depth, and significance. Stand tall, stay humble, and open yourself to the myriad ways of achieving growth in your
martial arts school. Remember - true martial arts mastery extends beyond the mat; it encompasses the wisdom to lead and expand your school without compromising its core values.

Always in the Spirit of Moo Do Excellence,


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