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Tang Soo Do - Benefits For Children

By (Mr.) Laurie Williams - 4th Gup
Treorchy Tang Soo Do
, Mid Glamorgan, Wales


My son sparring in Holland (he's the one a couple of feet off the floor)


At the age of 7, my son Thomas had become quite a shy individual. He had a confidence problem in a previous school he attended and I needed a way of getting his confidence back. Being a small child and not physically imposing he surprised me with a request to try the local Tang Soo Do class. I took him to watch a class and he seemed keen. I took the tough approach and explained to him that I would buy him a suit, and the deal was simple - he would attend for 2 months, a minimum of twice a week and if I had to carry him kicking and screaming to the class I would. After 2 months the decision was his. Being the very shy individual he was I talked to the instructors and explained the depth of his shyness was such that if they asked him to introduce himself to the class he would look at the floor and become upset and it would ruin his experience. They took notice and built his confidence up gradually and understood the situation. The decision whether to carry on was never discussed. He was absorbed and loved it.


Current Status

My son has now achieved 3rd gup status in under 3 years, adores his Tang Soo Do and attends class a minimum of 3 times a week. He has had a few rocky patches along the way (and a few tears), but in the whole has absorbed what he has been taught with gusto. He is no natural (unlike some other lucky children in his class), and has had to work harder than most to achieve the basics, let along the more complex forms or techniques. But he has applied himself diligently and simply adores the art. He will now demonstrate techniques in front of the class, and has a massive circle of friends in school and in Tang Soo Do

Tournament Successes

My son was lucky enough to achieve a 2nd place in the British Open, has unluckily come 4th a few times, but has simply thrown himself into a very frightening world of competition. He has competed in his native country of Wales, competed in the neighbouring country of England and has travelled across Europe to compete in Holland. All with no problem, and this from a child who only 2 1/2 years previously was too shy to talk in front of strangers.

In Summary

My son has grown from a reserved, shy individual (lacking in confidence and finding it hard to make friends), into a confident young man who has even managed to drag his 40-something aged parents to class, and his younger brother at age of 5 has also joined the fray. His ambition is to gain a Masters belt, and I wouldn't be surprised if he achieved it. Tang Soo Do has managed to transform my son, and regardless of tournaments, regardless of belt classifications, and regardless of anything else, that is the reason that Tang Soo Do (and his incredible instructors) will always have my gratitude.

Tang Soo!

August 11, 2010




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