Tang Soo Do Schools

England - Bristol

City School Instructor(s) Affiliation
Bishopston Dragon Tang Soo Do
St. Bartholomews Church Hall
Somervill Road, Bishopston, Bristol
[44] 0117 9070604
Ms. Tracy Sedlen  
Bradley Stoke Dragon Tang Soo Do
Bailey's Court Primary School
Breeches Gate, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 8AZ
[44] 0117 9794185
Mrs. Carolyn Powell
Mr. Warren Parsons
Brentry Dragon Tang Soo Do
Brentry Scout Group Hall
Tranmere Avenue, Brentry, Bristol
[44] 0117 9793342
Mr. Wayne Gilvear  
Filton and
Bristol Tang Soo Do
Monks Park School
Gloucester Road North, Filton and Kingswood, Bristol
[44] 947 0914
Master Raffaele Zamparelli World Tang Soo Do Association
Filton Dragon Tang Soo Do
Elm Park Recreation Centre
Filton, Bristol
[44] 0117 9693999
Master David Perks  
Kingswood Bristol Tang Soo Do
Kingswood Gymnastics Centre
Kingswood Foundation
Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol
[44] 907 3283
Master Tim Butcher World Tang Soo Do Association
Kingswood Dragon Tang Soo Do
The Kingswood Foundation
Studio 5, Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol
Mr. David Fisher  
Patchway Dragon Tang Soo Do
Patchway Community Centre
Rodway Road, Patchway, Bristol
[44] 0117 9236964
Master Chris White  
Portishead Dragon Tang Soo Do
Parish Wharf Sports Centre, Portishead, Bristol
Master Ken Thorne  
Severn Beach Dragon Tang Soo Do
Severn Beach Village Hall, Severn Beach, Bristol
[44] 07
496 165 017
Ms. Georgie Hilton  
Thornbury Dragon Tang Soo Do
Christ the King Catholic Primary School
Easton Hill Rd., Thornbury, Bristol BS35 1AW
[44] 0154 312004
Ms. Charlie Rossiter  
Westbury Park Dragon Tang Soo Do
St. Albans Church Hall
Bayswater Ave., Westbury Park, Bristol
[44] 0117 9699324
Mr. Paul Long  
Yate Dragon Tang Soo Do
Raysfield Primary School
Finch Road, Yate, Bristol
[44] 01454 312004
Master Jon Ward  

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