Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation - Belgium Seminar 2016
by Master John Correlje



On Saturday, April 26, a number ATO members participated in the seminar conducted in Bruxelles, Belgium by Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak of the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation.

Netherlands was well represented with many participants from different schools and organizations. Tang Soo Do is alive and well in the Netherlands and Belgium! Almost a 120 participants and 14 Masters were present to train under guidance of Grandmaster Pak.

The day started with one minute of silence for the victims in the attacks in Bruxelles.

The program of the day began with the promotion of a number of attendees who had tested in the days before the seminar in the presence of Grandmaster Pak. The All Tangsoodo Organization wants to congratulate all on their new rank earned!

Following group photos the seminar began with the warm up. On the day, three different programs were given by the Grandmaster Pak and all were very worthwhile. The first part was about Basics.
Second was learning Chi Ryo Hyung, a healing form developed by Grandmaster Pak. A very nice Hyung to practice with lots of breathing exercises. The third part covered kicks and self-defense.

We want to thank Kwan Jang Nim Ho Sik Pak, Sa Bom Nim Alain Vermeulen and his executives for the warm welcome, the good organization and their hospitality. This is a good base to work from, to get started with more co-operation between the different schools and organizations in Europe and make Tang Soo Do grow.


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