Global Tang Soo Do Association
2017 Championship

Master Hiram J. Hodge
Global Tang Soo Do Association

Global Tang Soo Do Association's 2017 Championship Tournament was held October 7th, 2017, hosted by Association President Kwan Jang Nim Tong Hwan Kim. This annual event brings competitors from across the country and from around the world for a day of exciting competition.

This year, all proceeds from the tournament, along with proceeds from T-shirt sales, were donated to a Tang Soo Do family studio in Puerto Rico. This family is currently waiting to have power restored, which will not happen until January of next year at the earliest. Global is also supporting the orphans and widows of Guatemala and the Philippines. Kwan Jang Nim Tong Hwan Kim announced the total raised for Puerto Rico was $1,295, and $1,500 were raised to help the widows and orphans in Guatemala and the Philippines.

Categories for competition for this year included forms and sparring, with competition available to three divisions, Kids, Teens and Adults, and Black Belts. The Kids Division kicked off the tournament, with the youth never failing to excite family, friends, judges, and masters. The pure joy the youth brought to this event was simply infectious.

The second half of the competition was dedicated to the teens and adults, where the competition came alive. The spectators and judges alike witnessed what could only be referred to as non-stop action. The multiple ranks and ages of this division made for a diverse and well-rounded group. As the day progressed and wins started to total up, the medals were presented to the cheers and applause of the crowd.
Finally, the black belt competition began, and expectations were high. As Kwan Jang Nim Kim watched on with an ever-vigilant eye, the black belts battled it out through both forms and sparring. Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded, points added up, the finally tally was calculated, and the Grand Champions belts were presented by Grand Master Kim personally to each top competitor.


The weekend storms in the greater Atlanta area kept some competitors from attending this year's events, but fortunately the storms held off until the following day, Sunday, October 8th. The raging rains and high winds served as a reminder of the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico, making this year's event even more special to us all. To be a true student of the art of Tang Soo Do, one must understand that we are part of a larger family. Grand Master Tong Hwan Kim has once again taught the lesson by setting the example through his actions. What a great honor to be a part of this year's event, knowing that Global Tang Soo Do Association will be assisting those in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Philippines.

Have a blessed and wonderful 2018. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2018 Championship.


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