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Aruba 2015 International Tang Soo Do Championship

Submitted by Quest Martial Arts, Putnam, CT

Aruba Tang Soo Do head instructor Richard Vrolijk hosted the first annual championships at the Renaissance Center in Orangestad, Aruba. Sixty eight competitors from the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Canada, the Netherlands and Panama were in attendance. In addition, Grandmaster Mike Bogdanski and Master Kristin Duethorn from Quest Martial Arts in Putnam, Connecticut taught clinics at the Fighting Eagle academy in Santa Cruz, Aruba.

American Competitors did well at the Aruba 2015 International Tang Soo Do Championships. Master Kristin Duethorn and Master Jesse Scheffler won medals in the Masters division. Many competitors from Arrowhead Tang Soo Do of California all won multiple medals. A big group from Puerto Rico Under Master Torres were also in attendance.

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