All Tangsoodo Organization Kick-Off - 2015

by Master John Correlje, 5th Dan

It was a nice day, with wonderful weather for the All Tangsoodo Organization Kick-Off of the new season. After days of rain and wind, the sun started shining. It was good day for training.

A nice motivated group trained that afternoon in three different disciplines. The first one was the new Sword Hyung which is required for the Master grade. Sa Bom Nim Bert van Lith taught this one. This form is much different than the other Sword forms that are around, it's more Korean based. Sa Bom Nim van Lith trained for many years in Sibpalki. You could see the influence of the Sipbalki in this Hyung. There's a lot of different use of slashes, stabs, block and stances we aren't used to.

The next topic the group trained in was Hyung applications with Sa Bom Nim John Correlje and Kyo Sa Nim Raymond von Harras.
Different kinds of techniques like grabs, locks, strikes and throws were practiced. The group enjoyed the different applications.
I hope this is a start for the students to think differently about Hyungs and they'll start searching for new applications.

The last part of the afternoon Sa Bom Nim Jan van der Schee and Sa Bom Nim Jan Timmers taught Kong Sang Koon. A very intriguing Hyung because you see many parts which are used in other Hyungs. Like the Su Do Mak Gi's and Yeop Cha Gis from Pyung Ahn Sa Dan, and some technique sets from Bassai Dae, etc.

The participants enjoyed the afternoon very much and learned lots of different things. After the training we enjoyed some food and drinks together and talked about what we've learned and about the future events.

It was a good day!!


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