2018 Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation

Everyone was a winner! The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation sponsored ten children and three chaperones to our International Championship held in Orlando, Florida. The Foundation was a winner, being able to bring these children to their first ever competition.

The children were winners. They enjoyed every minute, though slightly overwhelmed. Just being in the company of our Tang Soo Do family was so supportive. Everyone was extremely encouraging. These children live 20 miles from a grocery store, from their school, from traffic! Vredenburgh is a beautifully wooded area but very isolated.

The families were winners. One Mom stated, "I can't afford to send her". Our reply was "that's why we chose her". Her twin sister has Cerebral Palsy and Mom's time and attention is naturally on her twin. Another girl's mom recently passed after a long illness and she watches her younger brother and sister. Grandmother was concerned to send her but chaperones were mothering to her the entire trip. Our red belt student had been in a wheel chair most of the year with two hip surgeries but he wasn't about to miss a chance to compete. Another mom is raising five children, two of whom are her sister-in-law's who passed some years ago.

Vtown Family Karate and Vredenburgh were the winners. Along with the financial support of the Foundation, children and families worked to earn their way. Children sold donuts. Through the help of Bu SaBom Brad and Jennifer Walston, our Tang Soo Do family, and Disney's partnership with Points of Light, the children earned tickets to Disney World. The whole town came out to engage in community service and to help earn the hours of work by replenishing a mountain of playground mulch.

We are all very grateful to Kwan Jang Nim St. James for initiating the project and for the support of all those who support our Tang Soo Do Foundation.



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