Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation
2016 Southwestern Regional Leadership Camp

by Kyo Sa Alicia Galvan



Are you Ready?

Over 100 students and instructors attended the 2nd annual Southwest Regional Leadership Camp in Floydada, Texas, at Plains Baptist Assembly. Schools from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Georgia, and Mississippi were in attendance. The weekend began with a Dan shim sa (black belt test) on Friday night after check in. During the Dan shim sa, non-testers enjoyed a hike through the camp grounds and reviewed basic techniques with instructors.

The shim sa was attended by over 25 testing students and mid-term reviewing students. David Danforth, Cho Dan, received Best of Test for teens and adults and Casey Tartt, Cho Dan Bo, received Best of Test for youth. After testing, the candidates enjoyed a late dinner while the other campers joined them for an orientation presentation by Kwan Jang Nim St. James and Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle, Regional Director and Camp Manager. Bu Sabom Hinkle provided information about camp rules and safety tips for the outdoors. Then, Kwan Jang Nim St. James and Bu Sabom Hinkle did a thorough briefing on the moo do protocols in the art of Tang Soo Do. 

This briefing also covered the behavioral expectations of campers for the weekend and once they return to their home dojangs. Kyo Sa Galvan was called up to explain camp packets and this year's camp competition. This year's camp theme was "Ready Leader ONE", which incorporated a game to encourage campers to act with moo do and proper protocol even when no one was watching. As campers demonstrated proper protocol, excellent moo do, training integrity, humility, and exceptional leadership, they were rewarded with an XP card. XP cards were then collected and tallied to determine a winning leadership group for the weekend.

During orientation, Mr. Paul Lopez of Thunderbird Martials Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico, was recognized for developing this year's commemorative coin. Proceeds from the coin go to the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation which helps fund non-profit karate schools in the federation offer at-risk children free training. At the end of the night, campers were excited about the next day and restless through the night.

The second day started early with a Certified Instructor Training (CIT) written examination for two candidates testing to Bu Kyo Sa. The physical test and interviews were held later in the day. After breakfast, campers were eager for the day's lessons with instructors. A brief presentation about expectations and review of the morning's schedule was led by camp managers Bu Sabom Hinkle and Kyo Sa Galvan. The morning lessons included open hand form practice, knife defense, armed defense tactics, children's self-defense, Kwan Jang Nim St. Jamesí Real Deal Self-Defense, joint locks and escapes, quick hand self-defense, and children's basic 9 training. After lunch, campers enjoyed outdoor activities including the longest zip line in Texas, ropes courses, and archery while Sam Dans and higher ranks participated in advanced black belt forms practice with Kwan Jang Nim St. James.

The afternoon continued with more lessons in sword, advanced escrima, beginner and intermediate escrima, whip staff, jump spinning kicks, advanced kicks, intermediate kicks, throws and takedowns, anti-bullying for children and teens, and breaking and holding strategies. Another exciting addition to camp was the Healing Warrior Society (HWS) block sessions for anyone 18 and over. The Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation (APTSDF) and the Healing Warrior Society have created a path that focuses on "Staying Well". Their mission is to help their students to follow a path that is built upon the bedrocks of health, healing, and longevity. This holistic path of self-development focuses on how students think, how you eat, and how you move. Sessions for HWS included Healing Warriors Intro, Nutrition, Stretching & Mobility, Energy Wellness, Health and Longevity, and Mindfulness including Breathing and Meditation. Adults received lots of valuable information.

At the end of the second night, campers gathered around the campfire and enjoyed s'mores and good company. Bu Sabom Hinkle, Regional Director, held a Southwest Regional Studio Owners Meeting to discuss the success of camp and regional plans for next year.

The next morning, started off with breakfast and group pictures. Then, campers enjoyed more training sessions including sparring, grappling, outnumbered defense, and a children's flag sparring competition. Next, all campers went outside for group hyung to the drum under Kwan Jang Nim St. James' direction.

Finally, a closing ceremony and belt presentation was held to end the weekend. Students were presented with black belt certifications and belts. Mr. Paul Lopez presented the APTSD Foundation with proceeds from the commemorative coins. Kwan Jang Nim St. James, the Senior Masters, the Regional Director, and Camp Manager offered their thanks to everyone that made camp an overwhelming success. The excitement for future APTSDF events is at an all-time high in the Southwest Region. 

Tang Soo!!!



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