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Tang Soo Do Master Killed in Tragic Accident


On February 5th, 2017, a tragic motorcycle accident took the life of Master Todd Huddleston of Kenner, Louisiana.

Master Huddleston began his Tang Soo Do career in 1978 under Master Myoung Kuk Park. In 1990 he visited South Korea and two years later moved there to advance his study of Tang Soo Do. Upon his return to Louisiana in 1999 he opened Yonsei Martial Arts.

In 2016 he again returned to South Korea for testing by the World Tang Soo Do General Federation and was awarded his 8th Dan. He was also named representative for the state of Louisiana by that organization.


Our condolences go out to to his family, students and friends for their loss.

Click here for Master Huddleston's article on his time training in Korea.



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