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Quest Martial Arts Competes at UK Open

Submitted by Master Mike Bogdanski, Quest Martial Arts


Over one thousand competitors came from around the world to attend the UK Open in Cardiff, Wales. The event, hosted by Master John Trudgill of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, is one of Europe's biggest championships for practitioners of Tang Soo Do and attracted competitors from over ten countries.

Members of the Mike Bogdanski and Kristin Duethorn Quest Martial Arts Competition team represented the USA well. Here are the results.

Photo - Left to right

Dr. Stacey Pazienza, Kristin Finnemore, Master Duethorn,
Coleen Solitro, Melanie Pazienza

Stacey Pazienza - 1st in sparring, 1st in weapons, 3rd in forms
Kristin Finnemore - 2nd in forms, 3rd in weapons
Master Duethorn - 2nd in sparring, 2nd in weapons
Coleen Solitro - 3rd in weapons
Melanie Pazienza - 1st in weapons - 2nd in Sparring.



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