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Grandmaster Song Ki Kim visits Putnam, Connecticut

Press release
Contributed by Grandmaster Mike Bogdanski

Grandmaster Song Ki Kim of South Korea was on a USA tour and stopped in Putnam to train the students at Quest Martial Arts. Grandmaster Kim is one of the highest ranked Tang Soo Do teachers in the world and is the personal teacher of Master Mike Bogdanski and Master Kristin Duethorn. He commented on the great skills and improvements of the students and he loved the respect level in the school.


At the conclusion of the training, Mike Bogdanski was presented his Grandmaster Belt from Great Grandmaster. Quest Martial Arts is owned by Grandmaster Mike Bogdanski and Master Kristin Duethorn and they were thrilled to host the president of the World Dang Soo Do Union who oversees schools all over the world. In the sixties, Chuck Norris was a student of Grandmaster Kim when Norris was in the air force stationed in Korea.


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