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Grandmaster Song Ki Kim Honored

Press Release contributed by Grandmaster Michael Bogdanski

The annual World Dang Soo Do Union along with the US Goodwill Tang Soo Do association recently held its annual tournament in Norwich, CT. Many Grandmasters and Masters were in attendance with a special presentation by Grandmaster H.C. Hwang to recognize Grandmaster Song Ki Kim as a pioneer in the art.

The award was received by WDU president Kwan Jang Nim Michael Shintaku for Grandmaster Kim. Tournament sponsors Kwan Jang Nim
Mike Bogdanski and Sabom Nim Kristin Duethorn (USG Chairperson) along with Kwan Jang Nim Steve Voelker hosted approximately 300 competitors from across the country.

World Dang Soo Do Union Board Members
Left to right
Master Robert Leclerc, GM Mike Bogdanski, Master Kristin Duethorn, GM Steven Voelker,
GM Mike Shintaku, Master James Pumarejo, GM Wesley Jenkins



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